Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do it again, Lord!

Wow, I'm just realizing it's been a year to the day since I last wrote any sort of an update. For that I apologize, but I hope this last year has found you more alive than ever, knowing who you are and being fully known.

And although it's been a while I must be brief as it is almost 3AM and I'm getting up in less than 6 hours to head back to Nicaragua to visit my friends in the garbage dumps. We'll be feeding and praying for hundreds of people in the dumps, walking the streets and possibly going into a leper colony to do the same...and I love all of that but to be honest I'm mainly going for one little girl. Julietta. One of the few times I put down my camera last year I ran around the dump in Matagalpa for over an hour holding her, laughing, eating, watching her come to truly know Jesus in my arms...and not to mention shooting everyone we could with our gozo (joy) guns a.k.a. our fingers. So stay tuned and hopefully I'll have another video to share after I return.

A couple weeks after I get back I'll be heading to Costa Rica for 3 weeks where I'm helping to lead a mission / surf / family trip...I'm becoming more and more convinced that line between those things are getting wiped away completely. We'll be reconnecting with people we met last year as well as exploring further and just seeing what happens.

Normally, I'm needing help financially to make all this happen. And while God always comes through in amazing ways and through amazing people, this time He's blessed me with talents and abilities and a job that has aloud me to cover a good bit if not all of it. This being the case I almost didn't write. But that was never the real reason I wrote to you guys. I enjoy sharing these experiences with those I love and who love me. Not everyone is able to go to places I do, or even feel called to but it's always a lot more fun to live and share life with people.

So enjoy the ride with me, please feel free to pray for us as we go and that God would do more than we could ever ask or imagine. And if you would still like to give financially, I gladly accept it.

Checks can be made out to "Lighthouse" and mailed to me at 4160 Cheryl Drive, Redding, Ca 96002. You can get the whole tax deductible deal. I guess my production company that I started this last year would appreciate anything you give as it pretty much fronted most of the funds...but did so gladly :)

And it's our first official Bethel Lighthouse mission trip so that's pretty sweet!

So I guess this wasn't wasn't so brief...well brief as far as a year update goes I suppose, but you guys, miss you, hope to see you soon, but for now just sit back and enjoy the ride...and check out this short documentary of last year's trip if you got a few more minutes.

Pura Vida,